Discover how this ICT Executive changed his life

Pedro Harris Used the Tools He Gained from Leadership Coaching to Create a Life with More Choice, Greater Influence and Much Higher Income

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What Will You Learn from the Case Study?

This case study showcases the impact leadership coaching had on Dr Pedro Harris, an ICT professional working in the NSW Government, and the opportunities and impact he was able to create using the skills and frameworks he learned from Quantum Values founder, Caroline New.

Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving

Coaching provides an objective sounding board for problem-solving, critical thinking and strategic planning.

Self-Awareness & Integrity

 Explore strategies to build self-awareness, enhance integrity and authenticity, and develop greater resilience.

Communication Skills

Learn tools and skills to enhance communications, engage in difficult conversations, increase accountability & more.

Influence & Rapport Skills

Discover how to maximise influence and enhance results by driving engagement with staff and stakeholders.

Like Pedro, do you want more Success in Life?

As this Case Study Video will demonstrate, leadership coaching will equip you with the knowledge and tools to build a high performing team and create a culture of ownership and accountability that accelerates results. 

You'll develop powerful communication and influence skills that will enable you to maximise your impact and engage more effectively with customers, staff and stakeholders.

Whether you run your own ICT business or lead a team within a larger organisation, leadership coaching can help take you to the next level of growth, opportunity and success!

  • Develop your Critical Thinking and Strategic Capability 
  • Enhance your Communication and Influence Skills 
  • Learn how to Build a High Performing Team

Meet the Coach, Caroline New

An expert in leadership development, Caroline has worked in and consulted to the ICT sector for over 25 years and understands the issues tech leaders face. 

Coming from a background in journalism and communications consulting, Caroline worked in these capacities with technology firms such as 3Com, Compaq, Fujitsu, Imagineering, Ingres, PeopleSoft, Toshiba and more. 

Caroline has 14 years experience training and working in executive assessment, leadership coaching and workshop facilitation. Since 2004, she has assessed and coached hundreds of executives and business owners from diverse organisations and industries, including Accenture, ACS, AC3, Commonwealth Bank, Fast Track Communications, IP Australia, IT Easy, KPMG, Macquarie Bank, various NSW Government departments and many more.

Like any ICT professional, Caroline is committed to life-long learning and continually invests in her own development to enhance her effectiveness with clients. 

Caroline places particular focus on the communication skills that are integral to effective leadership and is skilled at teaching her clients how to have conversations that drive performance and engagement.  

Check Out What Other People Had to Say about Coaching with Quantum Values...

I'm Far More Productive 

Coaching has helped me to get clear about my priorities, where to focus my time and attention and how to achieve the best results. Caroline brings a fresh perspective and challenges my thinking to help me find the right solutions to the obstacles I face. 

Simon Xistouris, CEO, AC3, an ICT solutions company

A Life Changing Experience

Coaching with Caroline changed my life for the better. It helped me to understand and own my strengths. It helped me to realise my potential. 

Yohan Ramasundara, President, Australian Computer Society

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