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How Can You Work With Us?

Executive Coaching

Numerous studies have shown that tailored 1:1 executive coaching can support leaders in being up to 60 per cent more effective. Our coaching offerings will build your leadership capability, equip you to solve problems and improve your performance and that of your people. All coaching programs begin with a leadership assessment to identify individual strengths and development opportunities. Book a complimentary coaching conversation to explore your situation and find out how coaching could work for you.

Team Leadership Programs

Want to address cultural or communication/behavioural issues in your team and enhance their overall performance? We offer tailored leadership development programs and workshops designed to address your specific challenges and take your team to the next level. Conducted online or face to face, our customised trainings are designed to support and equip you and your team to operate more effectively, lead more powerfully and communicate with greater impact and influence. Click here for a confidential, no-obligation discussion about how we can support your results.

Leadership Assessments

    • The Being Profile When it comes to developing your leadership, we recommend the Being Profile as an ideal tool for assessing your strengths and development opportunities. The world’s first ontological assessment, it measures 31 aspects of Being ranging from Awareness and Integrity through to Authenticity, Responsibility, Commitment, Courage, Reliability, Proactivity and Assertiveness – all ways of Being that contribute to your effectiveness as a leader. Click here to find out how to experience the Being Profile for yourself.
    • Expertship 360 – Designed for technical experts across a range of specialist fields, the Expertship 360 tool measures performance across nine key areas in three domains: Relationship Domain – Personal impact, Collaboration & Stakeholder Management; Value Domain – Change Impact, Value Impact and Market Context; and Technical Domain – Expert Knowledge, Knowledge Transfer and Solutioning. Learn how to develop your technical experts into key value drivers for your organisation.
    • The Leadership Circle – the leading 360 leadership tool on the market today, the Leadership Circle provides deep insight into your leadership style and its impact on those around you.