• What’s Your Next Level?
    There are two types of people in the world – those who want to be comfortable and maintain the status quo, and those who have a thirst to keep growing and learning. Which one are you?
  • Is Your Team Culture Sabotaging Results?
    Is your team one where tough conversations consistently happen, or where they’re often avoided? And what’s the impact on your results? Your team’s ability to challenge and hold each other accountable or to ask for help when needed will absolutely determine your level of success. Watch this video for more …
  • How do You Support Your Peoples’ Career Aspirations
    Are you the kind of leader who’s all about the work, or do you also invest time to grow your people in the direction of their goals? And are you aware that doing so can help to enhance their engagement and make work more enjoyable? This video, the 6th in a series of six, explores how Fun Factor #6 –Desirable Future – can help you and your team to find the right level of value and satisfaction in your work, which further reinforces the idea of work as fun!