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Everyone has Values, Attitudes and Beliefs.

The Integrity and Values Profiling System is a powerful psychometric assessment that provides deep insights into the unconscious conflicts that will affect an individual’s performance in the workforce.

Developed in Australia and objectively validated for accuracy and relevance, this tool allows you to measure how truthful an applicant is, their default style under pressure, how they manage themselves and others, and how hard they work to make a good (or bad) impression.

Online Testing – The test can be accessed via any standard browser and takes around 30 minutes to complete, with results delivered via a series of easy-to-read scales showing scores of between one and 10 for each value.

The Integrity and Values profile groups the scores into six key areas:

  • Integrity – which measures Truthfulness, Responsibility, Accountability, Loyalty and Self Awareness;
  • Self Management – which measures Assertiveness, Self Belief and Happiness;
  • Task Focus – which measures Result Orientation, Organisation, Focus & Urgency, Attention to Detail, and Reliability;
  • Ability to Talk – which measures Ability to Talk, Ability to Listen, Appreciation, Empathy and Networking;
  • Vision and
  • Impression Management – which measures the degree to which a person will seek to inflate their scores to gain approval

An Integrity-Driven Approach…

Integrity is one of the most misused and misunderstood words in the English language. The Integrity Model enables people to clearly articulate their thinking on this subject. Everyone has Values, Attitudes and Beliefs.

Integrity is not a measure of how honest or moral we are. Rather it is the degree to which we act in alignment with our Values, Attitudes and Beliefs. We have Integrity when what people see is the same as who we say we are.

Maintaining our integrity is a moment by moment choice. In each moment, each interaction, we make a choice as to whether we honour our Values, Beliefs and Attitudes. This takes courage – and we will fail. The issue is not that we fail, but how quickly we take responsibility for correcting our mistakes.

The Integrity and Values profiling system identifies a person’s ability to be honest with themselves, take responsibility for their outcomes and take positive action towards personal improvement.

Avoid Recruitment Errors – This profile is perhaps the only one of its kind in the world and is highly accurate and fully validated. Using it in recruitment, coaching, training, team and individual leadership development will save you thousands of dollars by enabling you to avoid poor hiring decisions, dramatically improve productivity and significantly enhance your bottom line.

The Integrity and Values Profiling System reveals:

  • The individual’s ‘default style’ under pressure;
  • Their personal level of integrity;
  • How they manage themselves, their work and their relationships;
  • How forward thinking they are;
  • How honest they are about themselves;
  • Their suitability for the role;
  • The desire to do a job after the honeymoon period (three to 12 months) is over;
  • Potential negative attitudes or tendencies that can be verified by the manager during a conversation;
  • The person’s degree of team spirit and how much they are likely to contribute to another person’s success; and
  • How this person will lead if they are required to manage and inspire a team

Chris Stephenson, VP Australia and New Zealand of global telecommunications company, Comverse, said, “The Integrity and Values Profile and excellent consulting services take the guesswork out of recruiting , allowing me to consistently make great hiring decisions with confidence.”

Robert Masterson, General Manager of Stelform Operations, wouldn’t dream of recruiting anyone without using the Integrity and Values Profile first.

“Integrity and Values is incredibly accurate and gives you immediate and clear insights into the person you are dealing with. Unlike other profiling systems, it does not place people in a “box”, but clearly shows areas of strength and weakness and predicts future behaviours with uncanny accuracy. It is a powerful coaching tool and shows the exact areas to focus on for growth and improvement of both the individual and the team.

“If you’re looking for an easy to use and easy to understand tool that takes ALL the guesswork out of recruiting and leadership development, I cannot recommend Integrity and Values highly enough.”

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