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Great leaders are built not born – Leadership training programs…

Leadership at all levels is a function of character, not an accident of birth or prerogative of position. It is developed by intentional practice and experience over many years.

In their desire to be successful and profitable, businesses in Australia need to create an organisation which allows and even actively encourages its people to challenge the status quo.

Don’t Become a Statistic – In poorly performing organisations, unhealthy politicking and dirty infighting creates a lack of emotional safety, which stops people from thinking differently and challenging what is happening within the organisation.

Organisations that promote frank discussion in the context of a clearly articulated vision have fewer problems and people are free to perform at their best rather than expending resources on fire-fighting.

Transform for Success – In delivering the Integrity and Values Leadership Program, Quantum Values will take you on a transformational journey of personal discovery and awareness that will change your life and your business.

You will discover how to inspire your team and have each individual willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.

The power of this program lies in the two-pronged approach of group workshops and personal coaching. Spaced repetition gives all individuals and the team an opportunity to experiment with and learn from the models they are given.

Program participants learn how to:

  • Clearly articulate the vision of the organisation and their team’s part in that vision
  • Experience and understand the power of the team and how the relationships function
  • Ensure that each team member clearly understands their effect on the team and how to challenge behaviour that does not support the goals of the team and the organisation
  • Create a ‘culture of responsibility’
  • Give effective feedback and measure new desirable behaviours
  • Be willing to make ‘hard calls’ and hold people accountable to agreed outcomes
  • Spot issues faster within their team and deal with them powerfully
  • Speak the ‘language of leadership’ – and teach their team how to use it
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