Leadership Skills – Do you have what it takes?

Strong leadership skills to offer direction is critical to the success of a business. Are you leadership material?

Leaders are not born.  They are made through developing important leadership skills. Former American president, John F. Kennedy, once said that, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” To be an effective and strong manager, you need to be committed to training and development – here are several ways to do just that.

Develop great communication skills

A key component of leadership skills is being a great communicator, whether you are speaking, listening, writing, negotiating or resolving conflict. As an executive or business owner, you must learn to communicate effectively with your staff, clients, stakeholders and other people vital to your success.

Teach what you know

Great leaders are teachers – they share their knowledge and skills as they develop and equip their team to take on new responsibilities and challenges. There is little value in knowledge that sits in the leader’s head – leaders must teach what they know and develop apprentices who are capable of stepping into their shoes.

Empower your employees

Delegating roles to employees and empowering them to take responsibility and hold each other accountable is a key leadership skill. It can be one of hardest things for a manager to let go, especially when they have a built a business from the ground up. However, it is vital to the growth and development of a business.

Learn to resolve conflict

The “ostrich in the sand” style of management never works. Problems rarely resolve themselves and will only escalate if not addressed. Conflict resolution is an important business skill – not only must leaders resolve conflict with and amongst their staff, but they must also address problems that arise with customers, suppliers or other people important to business.

Live your values

Every company should have a mission statement that outlines their corporate values, philosophies, goals and purpose for existing. For corporate values to be successfully filtered down through the hierarchy, they must be lived and breathed by the executive team, who lead by example.  It is the role of leadership to inspire others in the company with the vision and values of the organisation and to help each person understand their role in contributing to the success of the vision.

Take ownership and responsibility

Regardless of how many managers you have working for you, at the end of a day if a mistake happens, the buck stops with you. Although it’s essential for a good leader to empower their staff, you also need to own any problems, take responsibility for mistakes and learn from them rather than encouraging a mentality of blame or denial.

See the big picture

Successful delegation and outsourcing will allow you to oversee the business and set business goals, make important strategic decisions, identify business opportunities or potential issues and project the future growth of the company rather than just focusing on the daily grind and day to day running of the business.  

Enjoy work/life balance

Business and work can be very time consuming, particularly for those in leadership roles, and it can easily dominate your life. However, countless research shows the importance of having good work/life balance, not only for your health and well being, but also in terms of being productive and efficient when in the office. If you make a work/life balance a high priority, so will your team.

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