Communication Skills Training – Best Practice

Bridge the communication gap through these best practice guidelines for communication skills training.

Communication skills training should be seen as an investment not a cost to a business. For a company to grow and foster, there must be a commitment and dedication to developing employee’s interpersonal and communication skills. Here are 5 key ways you can develop more efficient and productive people skills training programs.

Find an inspiring venue

Even the simple step of finding a venue outside of your office can increase motivation and enthusiasm for communication skills training. Choose a training venue conducive to training which has reliable audio-visual equipment, a lot of natural light, comfortable seats and air conditioning or heating depending on what season it is.

Break into small interactive groups

Breaking teams into small interactive groups and holding several sessions can sometimes work better than communication skills training in one large meeting. Smaller groups allow for role playing and interactivity and may be a less intimidating learning environment encouraging people to ask more questions and initiate discussions.

Have regular breaks

You may want to get through a lot of material in one session but it is important to take breaks so that your staff is not overwhelmed and has time to absorb the information. It may even be more productive for staff members to have communication skills training sessions scheduled over a few weeks rather than in one day.

Promote a culture of learning

Outside of your scheduled communication skills training sessions in the workplace, it is important to encourage employees to further their own education and training by going to workshops, reading blog articles and attending webinars. Support your staff’s development by paying for work-related courses and granting requests for time off work.

Get management onside

There is little point in developing employee’s communication and interpersonal skills if the executive management team will sabotage your efforts and do the complete opposite of what you have advocated in your communication workshops. Ideally, every employee regardless of their title and status should have access to communication skills training.

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