Coach Your Way to Success

When we educate our associates and encourage them to be problem solvers we’re setting the stage for success. Allowing them to address conflicts and recognise opportunities will ultimately deliver benefits for the company, the customers and the associates themselves.

Management of this nature does involve a time and energy commitment at the onset. However, the long term rewards are well worth your efforts. The simple techniques to be followed when coaching are essential to ensure your success:

  • Set clear expectations and goals
  • Discuss and address any perceived obstacles
  • Provide regular feedback in a positive and constructive manner
  • Recognise achievements

It’s the new “Ask, don’t tell” philosophy

The idea behind coaching is to encourage critical thinking on the part of your associates. Realistically, the person doing the job probably knows the most about it. So, when they approach you with a problem, providing them with the answer doesn’t really benefit them. Ask them for their perspective of addressing the issue. If time permits, discuss the potential solutions before acting.

When we open up the problem solving process to all of our associates it’s ultimately more beneficial to everyone involved, including the associate!

Happy associates make for happy customers

Feeling as though you’ve made a difference and that your work and ideas are appreciated ultimately leads to job satisfaction. Those good feelings that your associates have about the company are conveyed to customers with every contact. A discontented associate is not always an ally to the company and unfortunately, your customer’s perceptions are the only ones that are relevant. Ensure your company is perceived as a great company to work for, and a great company to work with!

Whether yours is a small business, or a multi-million dollar corporation, the benefits of coaching as a management tool are unlimited. Your most valuable asset is your associates, and you hold the key to unlocking their potential. Don’t underestimate your impact as a manager, teacher, and mentor!

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