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Leadership Development | Taking the Fast Track to Success

When Fast Track Communications wanted to improve the performance of its executive team and the business as a whole, it turned to Quantum Values for leadership development training.

The Sydney-based integrator of innovative telecommunications solutions underwent a seven month program of training and coaching based on the Integrity & Values leadership program. 

The program comprised: 

  • One or two days of training each month for the entire leadership team (11 people);
  • Monthly one to one coaching (two hours) for each executive;
  • Online modules of training content which had to be reviewed by each participant;
  • Monthly homework which had to be completed by each participant; and
  • Daily buddy chats with another team member to drive accountability and performance. 

The Integrity and Values Leadership program delivered by Quantum Values helped to increase communication and build greater coordination within the executive team and across the business. 

“Communication has improved dramatically – there’s a lot more being said and we have clear tools and processes for dealing with issues and conflicts,” said Fast Track partner, Geoff Bednal. 

“We have a deeper understanding of the impact of our communication style and have proven strategies for challenging conversations. Problems are now addressed much more quickly and that saves time, money and minimises upsets within the team.”

“As a result of the program, we’ve implemented and enhanced various systems and operational procedures, and made some bold decisions that have enabled us to expand our client base and will lead to future growth.” 

Fast Track executives participated in group training sessions each month, learning proven leadership skills and strategies and engaging in facilitated conversations that explored unresolved issues.  Each leader was also required to teach key concepts to their direct reports, helping to embed the learnings while creating cultural change across the organisation. 

“The monthly trainings allowed us to implement things along the way, building on our knowledge while holding each other accountable for the results we generated.” 

Personal coaching each month allowed individuals to explore any challenges they were experiencing and identify strategies to move forward. 

Caroline New is an excellent trainer who not only dealt effectively with the business issues, but provided a high level of personal and professional development within the leadership development program. As a result of her facilitation and individual coaching, I can confidently say that we’ve all had big improvements in our personal lives and that reflects in the way we do business,” said Mr Bednal.

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