Three Ingredients for Success in Business & Life…


Attain business success and increase profitability…

One of the key teachings of the Integrity and Values Leadership Development Program, and the core basis of our career coaching philosophy, is the three ingredients for success.

When you and your team get this right, profits soar, you feel great and your whole life occurs like a wonderful fun-filled game.

A Clear Vision

All organisations whose people have a clear vision of where they are going are well on their way to success. A vision is necessary to bind the organisation and give people hope.

The work we do through the Integrity and Values Leadership Program enables people to have the powerful conversations required to implement the vision. This is achieved when the executive team is functioning in a healthy and productive manner. Once the vision and goal is set, our role is to keep the team honest and focused.

The Ability to Fight Clean

One of the most common problems in executive management is the lack of skills in this area. Some people see fighting as dirty, dangerous and unnecessary. “The ability to fight clean” means the ability to table an issue with a coworker at the first available opportunity and resolve it productively. There are only two outcomes that come from conflict. They are successful resolution or management of the conflict. Where there is management of conflict, an organisation will operate at less than its potential.

The Integrity and Values Leadership Development program gives individuals clear rules and the skills to resolve conflict in a powerful and direct manner. After a clean fight both parties can walk away without any residual resentment to fuel the next fight and with their dignity in place.

“Fun” – Essential for Success

When people don’t enjoy their work life, their dissatisfaction usually shows up in poor quality products and services. This can be addressed by ensuring that they experience an appropriate level of each of the six requirements considered critical for effective work. These are:

  • the degree of challenge
  • elbow room
  • opportunity for learning
  • mutual support and respect
  • meaningfulness of the work
  • availability of a desirable future

If these ingredients are present in the right measure, people experience work as a form of play. When their creativity is engaged, profitability soars because happy, healthy people are more productive.

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