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Case Study: Leadership Development Program

Leadership Development | Taking the Fast Track to Success When Fast Track Communications wanted to improve the performance of its executive team and the business as a whole, it turned to Quantum Values for leadership development training. The Sydney-based integrator of innovative telecommunications solutions underwent a seven month program of training and coaching based on […]

How Do You Lead?

Exploring different options that will enhance leadership capabilities and improve results. There’s a game I play with some of my executive teams where I ask them to form two parallel lines facing each other with their hands outstretched and then balance a thin wooden rod across all their fingers. Their challenge is to lower the rod to […]

Become a Game Changer in 2013

A New Year always brings with it lots of discussion about resolutions and goals. What do you want to achieve this year? What do you want to have or create in your business, work, relationships and personal life? Equally important is to consider how do you want to be? What kind of behaviours do you […]

Business Mentoring & Coaching - What is the diference?

By understanding the differences between business mentoring & coaching, you will be able to decide what is best to facilitate your professional development. A question often asked is in business circles is what are the differences between coaching and mentoring. Coaching and mentoring are words which are often interchanged in the business world and there […]

Leadership Skills - Do you have what it takes?

Strong leadership skills to offer direction is critical to the success of a business. Are you leadership material? Leaders are not born.  They are made through developing important leadership skills. Former American president, John F. Kennedy, once said that, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” To be an effective and strong manager, you […]

Get Out on that Branch!

It’s easy to be positive and resourceful when everything is going great….but what happens when things go wrong? There’s a popular saying: anything that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. When I think back to the hardest and most challenging experiences of my life – dealing with relationship breakdown, the near failure of my business […]

Growing Through Your Goals

Personal Development comes with Growth and Goals… We all have goals we’d like to achieve, but sometimes it seems difficult to take the actions that will enable us to fulfil on those goals. In his book, Linchpin, Seth Godin talks about the Lizard Brain – that part of our unconscious brain that tries to protect […]

The Cost of Being Nice

When leaders communicate honestly and with respect, there is no limit to the positive impacts they make. I remember back to when I was a child playing in the schoolyard and I made a comment about someone’s behaviour and was told: “You can’t say that – it’s not nice!” You’ve probably had a similar experience. In […]

Coach Your Way to Success

When we educate our associates and encourage them to be problem solvers we’re setting the stage for success. Allowing them to address conflicts and recognise opportunities will ultimately deliver benefits for the company, the customers and the associates themselves. Management of this nature does involve a time and energy commitment at the onset. However, the […]

Build Better Business Leaders

Leadership in a small business is absolutely essential. There is no bureaucratic safety net in small business such as can be found in corporate environments. For this reason, every small business manager must learn to become the best leader he or she can be. These eight strategies will help you become a better leader. 1. […]

Five Tips for Choosing an Executive Coach

Hiring an executive coach is a great step to drive results in your business. Whether you’re starting out, have hit a plateau or want to develop new leadership skills for yourself or your team, coaching can be an invaluable resource for any type of business. Here are five things to remember when choosing an executive […]

Three Ingredients for Success in Business & Life…

Attain business success and increase profitability… One of the key teachings of the Integrity and Values Leadership Development Program, and the core basis of our career coaching philosophy, is the three ingredients for success. When you and your team get this right, profits soar, you feel great and your whole life occurs like a wonderful […]

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