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Quantum Values is a boutique executive business coaching and leadership development firm that applies the tools and training programs of Integrity and Values to achieve measurable results for its clients.

Quantum Values Director, Caroline New, is an accomplished coach and trainer with over 20 years experience consulting to businesses ranging from multinationals to SME’s.

She is highly regarded as a presenter and facilitator on topics of professional and personal development, integrity in business and values-based leadership, and holds Master Practitioner certifications in:

  • Neuro-Strategy (International Association of Neuro-Strategists)
  • NLP (American Board of NLP)
  • Time Line Therapy (ABTLT) and
  • Hypnotherapy (ABH)

Caroline holds Senior Leadership positions with the Anthony Robbins group of companies and with US-based coaching and training firm, Synergistic Results International, and works with both these organisations at their events in Australia and the US.

As a licensee of Integrity and Values, Caroline applies the Integrity and Values Profiling System and Leadership Development programs for the benefit of her clients, and has direct access to Jennifer Elliott, the profile’s developer, as an additional and valued resource.

Contact us today to discover how Quantum Values can help you to increase productivity, enhance communication and drive profitability through our executive business coaching and leadership development programs.

Quantum Values 6/22-26 Garfield St, Carlton NSW 2218- Australia
P : +61 411 889 456 | E : contactus@quantumvalues.com
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